Every period of time in Bhutan has its own charm, and what if you are natural lover, rainy-moody loner, festive spirit, and trekking enthusiast at the same time? Anyway, we will try our best!


September to November is the ideal time to visit Bhutan as the air is clear and fresh with sunny skies. January and February are colder, but from then until April the climate remains dry and pleasant and in late spring the famous rhododendrons bloom spectacularly, flooding the valleys with colour. Heat and humidity increase from June, and from late June to August the monsoon rains cover the mountains. If you’re interested in seeing the rare black-necked cranes, we recommend visiting the Phobjikha Valley between late October and mid-February.

Paro Tshechu

Spring (Mar-May)

  • High season
  • Most beautiful time of the year
  • Green valleys and great flower blossom of the Rhododendron
  • Lots of festivals (e.g Paro Tshechu in early Apr)

Tiger’s Nest in the summer

Summer (Jun-Aug)

  • Low season
  • Rainy days
  • Sapphire skies after the rain
  • Vibrant green foresting and flourishing paddy fields

Autumn (Sep-Nov)

  • High season
  • Mild weather
  • Gold coloured paddy fields and willows
  • Packed with festivals (e.g Thimphu Tshechu in late Sep)
  • Best time for trekking

Black-necked cranes

Winter (Dec-Feb)

  • Low season
  • Around 10°C in daytime, under 0°C at midnight
  • Light snowfalls in late Jan and early Feb
  • Clear, sunny weather
  • Black-Necked Cranes appear in Gangtey Valley


Bhutan tourism has two seasons, high season (from March to May and from September to November), and off season (from June to August and from December to February). The difference between high season and off season is USD50/night/person.
Besides, air tickets to Bhutan can be sold out very quickly in high season and air fares fluctuate due to high demand, so make sure you book tours early to reserve seats with good price.


Download the latest festival dates here. For the full list, download see here
Some famous festivals in Thimphu, Paro, and Punakha:
  • Punakha Drubchen (Punakha Dzong, Punakha, 4th – 6th March)
  • Punakha Tshechu (Punakha Dzong, Punakha, 7th –9th March)
  • Paro Tshechu (Rinpung Dzong, Paro, 7th –11th April)
  • Rhododendron Festival (Lamperi Botanical Garden, Thimphu, 14th – 16th April)
  • Thimphu Drubchen (Tashichho Dzong, Thimphu 26th – 29th September)
  • Thimphu Tshechu (Tashichho Dzong, Thimphu 30th September – 2nd October)
  • Black Necked Crane Festival (Gangtey Gonpa, Phobjikha, Wangduephodrang, 11th November)
  • Druk Wangyel Tshechu (Dochula, Thimphu, 13th December)